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Battle of Britain

    Watch our interviews with RAF veterans who took part in the Battle of Britain and read our exclusive blogs.

    Visit to learn more about the Battle of Britain and discover the defining moments of the conflict on our Battle timeline.

  • Squadrons that took part in the battle of britain
    The squadrons that took part in the Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain is remembered as an extremely important air campaign fought over southern England in the summer and autumn of 1940. It was initiated by Adolf Hitler as part of his plans to gain air supremacy and invade Great Britain.

  • Matthew Wignall Winner Battle of Britain Audio Drama
    Cumbrian writer wins Battle of Britain audio drama competition

    The competition, organised by the RAF's leading welfare charity the RAF Benevolent Fund, was launched to commemorate the 80th anniversary of one of the most important battles of the Second World War.

  • Battle of Britain
    Almost half of Brits surveyed don't know what the Battle of Britain was

    New research from the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund has found that almost half (44%) of the British public surveyed don’t know what the Battle of Britain was.

  • Groundcrew
    Why it's important to remember The Few

    The Second World War was the most destructive our world has ever witnessed. Cities, whole countries were changed beyond recognition and the outcome of the war still has an impact today.

  • Spitfire
    Five things you might not know about the Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain is seen by many as a defining moment for the RAF during the Second World War. Delivering the first major victory against the German military, it was a fierce battle fought over the English channel and the skies above Britain for air superiority.

  • Chain home radar station
    The Dowding System and the role of radar in the Battle of Britain

    The Dowding System was the air defence network used during The Battle of Britain. It has been credited for giving Britain a critical advantage over Germany, as they fought it out neck and neck in the sky during the summer and the autumn of 1940.

  • A flight 219 Sqn RAF Catterick 15 August 1940
    Tribute to Terry Clark DFM

    We are saddened to hear Battle of Britain veteran Terry Clark DFM passed away yesterday. Terry was one of two remaining air crew, The Few, who took to the skies in the summer of 1940 to defend Great Britain against Nazi invaders. 

  • Sue Holderness on a Tigermoth
    Sue Holderness backs competition commemorating the Battle of Britain

    We have launched a new competition inviting the public to write a script telling a fictional story based on the Battle of Britain, in which Royal Air Force pilots bravely fought in the skies above Britain to defend our shores from Nazi invasion.

  • Jan Zumbach
    The Polish ace pilot who took the fight to Germany

    By the end of the Battle of Britain the Poles had developed a fearsome reputation in combat, with 303 Squadron claiming the highest number of victories despite only joining the battle halfway through. We must never forget the incredible sacrifice those men made to protect our skies, men like 303 Squadron Commander Jan Zumbach.

  • George Dunn at Biggin Hill
    RAF veteran George Dunn returns to the Spitfire 72 years after he last flew one

    To mark the 79th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and Battle of Britain Day, 97-year-old Second World War veteran George Dunn took to the skies above England once more, to fly in a Spitfire.

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