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Battle of Britain

    Watch our interviews with RAF veterans who took part in the Battle of Britain and read our exclusive blogs.

    Visit to learn more about the Battle of Britain and discover the defining moments of the conflict on our Battle timeline.

  • Sergeant John Hannah
    The heroic John Hannah

    While Fighter Command took on the Luftwaffe over Britain and the Channel, the airmen of Bomber Command were flying missions over Fortress Europe.

  • Lord Willoughby de Broke
    Battle of Britain Day: Remembering Lord Willoughby de Broke

    It's never an easy decision to send men into battle, knowing that some of them will not return from the mission. Yet this was a decision made daily by then Group Captain John Verney, 20th Baron Willoughby de Broke.

  • Sgt. Fred Young
    Sgt Pilot Fred Young and the many who did so much for their country

    Sergeant Pilot Fred Young was just 26 when he was killed right at the start of the Battle of Britain.

  • Stan Hartill
    The important role the ground crew played in the Battle of Britain

    The Late Battle of Britain veteran Stan Hartill worked as a member of the ground crew on the early Mark II Spitfires.

  • Adolph Gysbert 'Sailor' Malan
    The ten rules of air fighting

    Innovation and invention were key to the RAF's victory in the Battle of Britain during the Second World War. One such innovator was ace pilot Adolph Gysbert 'Sailor' Malan.

  • Fred Hammond
    Living through the Blitz – 100 days of bombing

    The late Fred Hammond was just a teenager during WWII when Hitler switched tactics and began to rain bombs down on British cities. In this blog, Fred described what it was like to live in London during the Blitz.

  • An RAF aircrew in an airfield
    The Wakefield Appeal

    Winston Churchill wasn't the only man to pay tribute to the bravery of 'The Few' during the Battle of Britain. Lord Wakefield wrote passionately about the achievements of the RAF during WWII and appealed for donations on their behalf.

  • Sergeant Josef František
    Crossing borders to fight the Nazi regime

    Sergeant Josef František flew with No. 303 Squadron becoming one of the top Battle of Britain pilots with 17 kills in the 27 days in which he was operational.

  • Squadron Leader Peter Townsend with RAF colleagues
    Squadron Leader Peter Townsend: A portrait

    The Battle of Britain created many distinguished flying careers and heroes of the day. Amongst this illustrious crew was Squadron Leader Peter Townsend.

  • WAAF personnel
    WAAF trio decorated for Battle of Britain bravery

    Three women were recognised for their courageous conduct in the aftermath of a deadly air raid during the Battle of Britain.

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