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Online wellbeing support

The Fund is providing access to an online wellbeing portal to those in the RAF Family.

The online portal has a vast library of wellbeing support tools, articles, podcasts and videos.

The resources are for anyone who is looking to improve their general wellbeing. The portal is divided into sections such as 'My work life', 'My home life' and 'My wellbeing'.

Each section offers a wealth of information from budgeting support and debt advice, nutrition, and sleep tips, as well as information on managing stress and building resilience.

If you are interested in a more structured support, we can help you access our self-guided and self-help programmes: 'Space for Sleep', 'Space for Stress', 'Space for Resilience' and 'Space from COVID-19'. By following the programmes, you will develop skills to improve your wellbeing, your sleep and your resilience.

If you would like to access any of the above, please complete the request form.

Help us understand the wellbeing of RAF personnel and improve our services. Please fill in our short and anonymous survey on your experiences:

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